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The Simple Steps To Launch Your Business
This page is the latest and greatest collection of tools we're using or our clients are successfully using to start, launch, and grow their businesses.
  • The #1 tool every business should implement...
  • How to get legal in 30 minutes without the crazy high legal and accounting fees (or leaving your desk...)
  • These tools are excellent and can help you with this & much more!
"Great Information. My mind was racing all night!"
Graeme Young
Multiple Businesses
"Two of my ideas have been brought to fruition and startup in 3 months. This is brilliant stuff. To Nathan and the team who have made it possible... Thank You."
Pat "Paddy" Storey
BotheDolphin and PaddysBalls
BotheDolphin and PaddysBalls
Just Starting Out - IDEATION Tools

Email Marketing

Whether you’re creating a simple landing page to collect emails, to writing fully-automated sales funnel email autoresponders, Mailchimp is still our #1 email marketing tool
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If you are just starting out, you will want a website name, even if you don’t have a website or a clue how to build one yet – make sure you at least register the name!
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Hosting Your Website Bootstrap – Hostgator (One Click WordPress install available)
We started our first site with these guys. Simple. Cheap.
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#1 Tool For ANY Business
Ever heard of Funnel Hacking?
If you haven't heard of website funnels then maybe not.
But, never fear, this tool is so good at creating amazing looking websites that drive sales, you don't need to know much of anything at all!
  • Drag and Drop Like Never Before - Sales Driven Templates & 1-Click Integrations
  • 1 Tool To Rule Them All - Webinars, (incl Evergreen), Upsells, Ecommerce
  • And So Much More...
The Best Tools For Your Business

Gsuite by Google

A real company email address? How about in 30 seconds and $0?
Need to add 10 new staff members to your team? Office software, email, login, and 30gb of cloud storage for $5 a head, on demand and set up today? Done.
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FAST Hosting

Hosting Your E-Commerce/High Traffic WordPress Site – WPEngine (A Must for larger sites – super fast and secure!)
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A Legally Registered Australian Company – in 30 minutes!
Step by step form, no running around town for days. No crazy lawyer or accountant fees
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Bonus 20% Off GSuite for 1 Year with this code:  E49EHD9D7URMHAV
If it doesn't work, reach out to me and I will send you the latest one!!
Meet your small business
Starting 5 businesses in 3 years is no small feat.
The key was finding the right tools that not only saved me money, which is important for a bootstrapper like me, but also saved me time!
This is so critical to creating a balance between my entrepreneurial drive and my amazing wife and 2 little champion kids
- Nathan Shearer
Founder - RapidExecutive.com
The Best Tools For Your Growth

A Virtual Team

Worldwide101 – Taking Virtual Assistants to the next level. Ready for a PA but don’t want the overhead and costs of an employee? Talk to Sandra at Worldwide101!
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[Book] 7 Day Startup

The 7 Day Startup Book – amazing guide to starting your business from scratch, in 7 days. Australian Entrepreneur 
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Get Expert Help

I’m helping people cut through all these steps and tools and get their products found, sourced, sent, and selling! Grab a free coaching session to see how we could work together
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What Are You Waiting For?!
I'm looking forward to helping you start and grow your own business. Get started today with these excellent tools and if you need more help jump on one of our live webinars where we walk through the Rapid Startup method* to get you from zero (or 342!) idea to first customer in a week.
- Nathan Shearer
Founder - RapidExecutive.com

*Inspired by the 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris. Grab the book - it's excellent!

*Some of these are affiliate links which pays us a few pennies when you purchase, but costs you nothing extra. Those pennies help support this sites infrastructure. Thanks!

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