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Tools mentioned in this session

Jungle Scout is an amazing sales estimation and product research tool for AmazonAll Amazon's sales data in 1 place. This tool has saved me HOURS of research on Amazon.

You will have seen this was the tool I used in this session and the last one to quickly show you estimated sales and revenue for all products listed on each page in Amazon. Awesome!

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SimilarWeb to reverse engineer a traffic and advertising strategy for your websiteSimilar Web. A Powerful tool you can use to inspect your competitors traffic sources and links. You can also get an idea of total traffic and internet rankings.

Use this to reverse engineer your own strategy for traffic and linking to get in front of the same traffic 🙂

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Come along each week for More Bonuses

  • Will Your Idea Fly?

    Validation and testing strategies and techniques from the best in the business. Plus I share all my wins (and losses) along the way.

  • Support From Others

    Don’t just rely on me! Each week members from the community come with problems and other members share their experience and skills to help solve them and keep you moving.

  • Targeting and Marketing?

    Learn how to target your customers on any platform and to effective marketing tactics that work no matter what your budget.

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